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Licensing Intellectual Property

Licensing Intellectual Property- General Information Inventions, artwork and trademark are all protected by the law. However: Inventors can license their inventions. Artists can license their artwork, including their photographs, paintings, songs and books. Businesses can license their trademarks to other … Continue reading

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Trade Secret Protection

Trade Secret Protection Trade Secret Protection is very important to many businesses because it goes to the heart of the competition. This is especially true today as hackers from all over the world continue to try and hack computer systems … Continue reading

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FILE FOR YOUR TRADEMARK A company’s most valuable asset can be its brand identity or good will. Trademark lawyers typically refer to this as a trademark or service mark. If you would like to register your business’s logo or brand … Continue reading

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Copyright Protection

How to Copyright Many people want to know how to Copyright a song, how to copyright a book and even sometimes how to copyright an idea. Copyrights cover many types of works of art, including books, music and even software. … Continue reading

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The IP center contact information

We can contact you Send us your phone number or email and we will contact you and understand what you need [contact-form-7 id=”2093″ title=”Mobile-simple”]Directions 7101 College Blvd Suite 1520 Overland Park, Kansas 66210 Phone numbers Kansas 913.345.0900 Missouri 816.363.1555 Toll … Continue reading

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Intellectual Property Litigation, Patent Infringement Copyright Infringement Trademark Infringment We have vast experience in high-stakes intellectual property litigation, including copyright, trademark and patent infringement litigation. In some cases, the future of our clients success was at risk. Whether your dispute … Continue reading

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Patents Patents gives an inventor an exclusionary right to prevent others from making, using, selling, offering for sale or importing the patented invention. Examples include machinery, medical devices, computer programs, computer systems and business processes. A patent can be a … Continue reading

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Intellectual Property Center

Helping Innovative People do Innovative Things 1 Patents Copyrights Trademarks Trade Secrets Licensing IP Litigation

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