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Utility Patents

Patents Generally a patent is a reward granted to an inventor in exchange for teaching others about the invention.  It is a limited right which generally provides a right to exclude others from making, using, selling or importing something which … Continue reading

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Copyright Protection

Copyright Protection General Copyright Information Generally, copyright protection is available for original works of art such as books, music, plays, pictures, movies, architecture and certain other works. Copyrights provide protection whether the work is published or unpublished and, unlike a … Continue reading

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Patent Attorney Services

Patents As an experienced patent attorney, we help you file patent applications and protect your rights as an inventor. Patents reward individual inventors with a type of exclusionary right called a patent, which allows the inventor to exclude others from using his … Continue reading

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What is a Trademark? In some cases, a company’s most valuable asset is its brand identity or good will. Legally, this is typically referred to as a trademark or service mark. Many businesses invest their resources into developing a brand … Continue reading

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Utility, Design, & Plant Patents

In the United States, there are three main types of patents, a Utility, Design & Plant Patent.  All inventions which receive a patent must be new, useful and patentable.  Generally, each of the three types of patents provide an inventor … Continue reading

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