Online Image Search

Because everyone likes something Free, how about a Free Image Search?

As part of our efforts towards helping artists, photographers, illustrators and other artists we often look to see whether an image has been posted on the internet without the artists permission.  In other cases we can investigate who else is using an image.  The ability to search the internet for use of an image can be very helpful for enforcing and policing your rights as an artist.   You can also conduct an free image search to find out who owns an image and see if you can get permission to use an image.

The internet is the wild west when it comes to stealing intellectual property.  The common belief is that if its on the internet, then it must be free to copy and distribute.  Copyright law has a different view.  Copyright infringement refers to when someone unlawfully makes a copy or distributes a photograph, drawing or image without permission.

According to an annual internet trending report, in 2014, people uploaded an average of 1.8 billion digital images on the internet every single day.  That’s 657 billion images per year.  Chances are, if you have a photograph, drawing or other visual work it may be on the internet.  The question is did you give your permission to have it put on the internet.  Have you already had someone else provide a free image search?  What did you do next?

Copyright infringement has severe consequences.  Under copyright, unauthorized users of a timely registered image may be subject to a claim of up to $150,000 for each image used.

If you believe your image has been used or copied without your permission, let us conduct an image search of your photo for free by sending us an email with the photo.  Once we get the results, we can schedule a follow-up visit with you to see how you want to proceed.

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