Online Trademark Application

Official Seal of a registered Trademark

Do you want to help prepare an online trademark application?  Do you want to reduce the cost of the application? Complete the application yourself and we will file the application for a reduced fee of $400 plus cost and expenses.

To begin, answer the few simple questions below.  You will need to select one or more of the categories of goods or services most similar to your use of your trademark. The government charges additional fees for each category, so make sure you check only those that you really want.  If you select all categories, your filing fee will be over $10,000. To research your trademark prior to filing, you can visit our online trademark search page to see if the mark is already registered.

Once you have submitted the information below (along with payment of the trademark fee), a Registered Trademark Attorney will contact you for any additional information and to answer any questions you have about the trademark process or your trademark application.

If you would prefer to speak to someone and pay over the phone or would like to schedule a meeting with one of our trademark attorneys, you can call us at 888-472-0020.

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