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Plant Patents

Plant patents are a third, specialized type of patent which is available for some types of plants. To be eligible, the plant must be of patentable subject matter. For plant patents, this means the plant must be an asexually reproducing … Continue reading

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Design Patents

A design patent protects the ornamental features of an invention. While a utility patent provides protection for the way an article is used or works, a design patent protects the way it looks. For design patents, the law requires that … Continue reading

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Patents promote society through rewarding individual inventors with a type of exclusionary right called a patent. That reward, a patent, was carefully designed to balance overall growth of society against the reward granted to the individual inventor. Therefore, a patent … Continue reading

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As an attorney you or your client’s may need help in the area of intellectual property.  We at the Intellectual Property Center can help you. Because we specialize only in intellectual property, you do not have to worry about losing your … Continue reading

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Our Clients

Our clients include artists looking to copyright their latest painting or inventors looking to patent the next great invention and businesses looking to invest in their growth and other lawyers.  We assist artists, inventors and other businesses around the U.S. and … Continue reading

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Our Services

Our Services Intellectual Property Center is a specialized IP law firm which provides a full range of intellectual property services including Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Dress, domain names, trade secrets, licensing, and unfair competition.  Advancing the Power of Imagination — we assist … Continue reading

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