Our Services

Intellectual Property Center is a law firm which provides a full range of intellectual property services including Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Dress, domain names, trade secrets, licensing, and unfair competition.  Advancing the Power of Imagination — we assist our clients by preparing and filing patent, trademark and copyright applications.  We also assist our client when it comes time to protect or defend them against patent, trademark and copyright infringement lawsuits. In addition, we also provide assistance with licensing and settlement agreements.

Our services include:

  • Protecting inventions, creative and literary works, designs, trademarks, service marks and other intellectual property rights in the United States and foreign countries.
  • Intellectual property litigation in federal courts throughout the United States involving claims of patent, trademark, and copyright infringement.
  • Trade secret claims involving confidential and proprietary information and anti-competitive practices, corporate theft and espionage, unfair and deceptive trade practices and similar cases in state and federal court.
  • Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) circumvention, take down, reverse take down and anti-cybersquatting claims in federal court and domain name dispute proceedings under the UDRP.
  • Consulting and opinions on copyrights concerning derivative and collective works, protection of unpublished works, and “works made for hire.”
  • Counseling and opinions on patents including patent clearance searches, freedom to operate opinions, and patentability opinions.
  • Patent reexamination and interference proceedings.
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings including oppositions and petitions to cancel registrations.
  • Counseling and litigation in computer law matters including software copyright, anti-circumvention, open source software, computer fraud and abuse, computer theft and hacking, and digital trespass.
  • Trade secret counseling, confidentiality agreements, and litigation with former employees and competitors.

Our Services include legal services, patent search, patent registration, patent license, trademarks, trademark license, copyright infringement, copyright protection, logo protection, design patents, intellectual property protection, and non-disclosure agreements.  Our attorneys can help your protect business in Kansas City, St. Louis and Wichita.

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